Setting Up Your Domain for Your Blog

Picking the best domain to meet your needs is the first step as you Begin Blog Training.

There are a couple of components to picking a domain that you’ll want to consider: domain name and hosting service. This article will walk you through what each of those things is... and the important things to consider as you select just the right domain to fit your unique blog.

1. Domain Name

Your domain name is essentially your brand on the internet. It is the means by which people will be able to find you among the infinite world if internet sites. You want it to be easy to remember, easy for search engines to find and reflect the overall feel of your blog.

  • Easy to remember – this is usually easiest to accomplish with a domain that consists of unique words, spelled out. It could be your name. It could be a memorable descriptor of the topic of your blog (CuttingEdgeCookingTip, for example). Or it could be a simple blog title, like Begin Blog Training.
  • Easy for search engines – search engines are a little more complicated than people. You already can’t use spaces for domain names, but you’ll also want to keep punctuation of any kind to a minimum. The more relevant to your topic your domain name is, the higher it will wind up ranking in search results too.
  • Overall Feel – this is really the hardest area to give advice on because it’s all about you! Are you going for a professional feel? Then you’ll need to the domain name that reflects that. Do you want your artistic personality to show through? Then something poetic might be the answer. Take some time before picking your domain name and decide why you’re writing a blog, and who you’re trying to reach. The answer to those questions will help you pick a name that reflects you.

Last but not least, your domain name will have to be available. The .com extension is still usually the easiest for people to remember, but if your name is taken, and you really don’t want to change it, try some of the other extensions. Most hosting services will help you with that.

2. Hosting Service

For blogs, there are actually a lot of hosting services available. WordPress and Blogger, as well as other blog hosting sites, have hosting available for free, but the down side is that beautiful domain name you picked out is going to be relegated to being a sub-domain. This makes it harder for your followers to find you because they’ll not only have to remember your blog name, they’ll also have to remember which blogging platform is hosting it, and type in the whole URL to find you.

Fortunately for you, hosting services really aren’t that expensive. So if you’re at the point of serious blogging, instead of it just being a passing hobby, it’s worth the investment to find a hosting service. WordPress itself offers domain hosting, but it may be worth checking into other services like, 1 and 1 Hosting or GoDaddy, to see what works best for your budget and needs. Be sure whatever hosting service you finally settle on offers and integrated WordPress or other blogging platform to keep your blog controls all in one dashboard for easy maintenance.

Starting a blog can be pretty simple, especially with the great tips and tricks available through Begin Blog Training. Taking the time to select the right domain name for you is the first step to building a growing blog where your voice can be heard.

For more information, or to receive some coaching regarding domain names, contact us. We have the best blog coaches in the world!