Begin Blog Training a Step-by-Step Guide

Are You Ready to Launch Your First Blog?

You are an expert in a particular arena and you've been thinking about launching a blog... You started looking into setting up your first blog and you quickly became frustrated... Although there is a great deal of information available about setting up a blog, it is still very confusing and you don't have the experience necessary to make it happen.

If this is the case, contact us today! We can help! In the current technological world, blogging has become the number one way to share one's expertise on a variety of subject matters.

Blogging has become the easiest and fastest way an individual can share their knowledge, wisdom, and opinions on any topic - including the news. Blogging is "the chosen way' of millions of people who have something to say and experience to share.

Empowerment: Having your own blog is an empowering way to express your knowledge, expertise, and opinions with a mass audience. Moreover, many bloggers have found ways to generate substantial income by sharing their unique slant on their subject.

The biggest hinderance or obstacles that new bloggers have regarding launching their first blog is “how to start a blog!” Setting up a blog hard, and many get stuck at the start up phase - most quit. Unless you have the knowledge and experience with setting up and managing websites you will need help from experts to set up your first blog.

However, it is our goal to help you set up your blog and get started without being an expert webmaster. As stated before, getting up a blog set up is not easy - but anyone can learn, and through the BlogNetwork anyone can launch a blog. Therefore, if you don't have an expert ready to help you with your first blog, it is advisable to contact us, or begin your "blog training". 

There are certain primary steps that everyone must navigate to setup an engaging blog. Below you will find articles related to the set up, launching, and management of a blog.

Choose your Blog Platform

Choosing where you want to build your blog is the first decision that you will make. There are various platforms available, with the most popular being WordPress (WP). WordPress has many add-ons and plugins allowing you to design and layout your blog - through WP there are infinite options at your disposal.

Additionally, WP is highly interactive, free to use, easy to set up, and has many themes and layouts available for you (paid layouts). Other popular blog platforms include Blogger and Tumblr.

Self-hosting or Free-hosting Your Blog

You can either pay for your blog or choose a free one. Choosing a free blog has many downsides and is a good idea for you if you are not serious about blogging as a profession. Your URL will contain your domain and the identity of your host for example

Additionally, it is very hard monetize a free blog, and you will have limited possibility to upload videos and images. If you use a free blog, you do not own it technically since it is hosted on others’ web property and can delete it without giving you any notice beforehand.

On the contrary, self-hosting your blog allows you to name your blog in a unique way since you are the sole owner of the blog. Moreover, you have access to an unlimited bandwidth of content, images and videos together with free themes.

The cost of hosting your blog and the domain name ranges between $5 and $10 on a monthly basis depending on your hosting provider. You can begin blog training sessions online to learn more about the differences between self-hosting and free-hosting to allow you to make the right decision. Please find articles below that will provide specifics on hosting your blog.

Start a Blog on Your Own Domain - the Basics

In case you decide to choose a self-hosting with a custom domain, you only need to sign up with a hosting provider and choose your ideal hosting plan. Then, choose your domain name and search. The ideal way to find and purchase your unique domain (a domain is the Internet address of your website, i.e.,

Once you have your domain purchased, go back to your hosting service, login, and look for the one-click install button on the admin panel. (It is advisable to use Whois privacy if you are using WordPress to ensure that all your personal details are kept private).

Coaching note: When setting up your domain on your hosting service, make sure you automated "backups" to protect you from any content loss in case unprecedented failure arises. On installing your chosen host on your website, proceed to your admin page to start blogging by writing and adding new posts. For more specfic instructions, see articles below or call us - we can get you started.

Design Your Blog

If you are using WordPress, which is highly recommended, you can choose a theme and install it inorder to begin customizing your blog. Alternatively, you can visit a premium WordPress theme seller and and buy your perfect theme - which then you will install.

Top WordPress Theme Providers

Professional and easily customizable themes are perfect, and WordPress allows you to change themes quickly.

When choosing a theme, make sure that the design reflects you, your personality, and the blog’s subject matter. Your blog should also be easily navigable to attract and sustain web traffic. Search article below to find useful resources to begin your blog training.

Going through intensive blog training will ensure that you have set up your blog in an ideal manner. Below you will find articles that represent the basics - the primary steps that you should follow to ensure that you set up an engaging and successful blog. Or, if you want to get started writing blogs today, call us. We can set you up immediately, helping you to post your first blog post today!

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