It might seem silly to turn to a writing blog that focuses on writing, writers, and blog writing... but it's not.

Writing blogs are some of the most popular blogs on the Internet. Most writers and authors are always looking for a creative edge, a new technique, or tools to save time and money. Additionally, many writers are looking for ways to turn their writing hobby into money-making endeavors.

Blogs on "writing" are wildly popular because there are millions of amateur writers, and most are always looking at developing their writing skills. Writing bloggers are coaches, and the best bloggers love to teach folks how to write better, more compelling stories.

Writing blogs cover just about every type of "writing". It's not just about writing books that get published, but writing bloggers cover content marketing, writing for social media, and technical writing on subjects like technology or automotive engineering. When it comes to the type of writing, the list is endless.

So, if you are a successful writer and you want to start your own blog on successful "writing", now is the time. If you offer folks good information in a palatable and easy to understand manner, you can build a huge audience of eager and loyal followers.

Whether you have been writing on your own for years or just starting out as a blogger, or you know nothing about the blogging world, you can learn from the experts. See the writing blogs and bloggers below. By following them you can learn some valuable insight to get you started blogging.

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