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The Media & Entertainment blogs are your source for all the things media and entertainment.

Media and Entertainment bloggers keep some folks on their couch for the entire weekend, especially on cold winter weekends - some people are literally addicted to media and entertainment blogs. 

There are popular media and entertainment blogs covering a wide spectrum; the latest on television shows, recently released movies, broadway and off-broadway theater, every music genre, rock bands and popular singers, book reviews and more.

This type of blogger is usually a "critic" and very knowledgeable regarding the entertainment world (or, thinks he/she is a critic but is more like a controversial figure who spews out provocative opinions that folks love or hate). However, there are some incredibly popular entertainment bloggers that have simply tapped into the millennials vibe and they know how to strike a proverbial chord (most likely is a millennial) and is an incredible writer, is creative, and well-connected in the industry.  

Some of the most followed entertainment blogs and bloggers post regular reviews, recaps, inside stories, or breaking news. But celebrity gossip, real or perceived, seems to draw the biggest blog fan base. Loyal followers are the biggest reward for writing juicy blog posts, even if the followers don't like what is written. In the end, it's all

Media Bloggers range from entertainment industry insiders to professional critics to avid fans. This range of bloggers provides a broad spectrum of opinions and insights - for folks looking to  plan their next Netflix binge or choosing what movie to see this weekend. The top media and entertainment blogs have built incredible loyal audiences.

If you have a passion for entertainment and you are a good writer, learn the blogging trade from the best, those who have been successful. Check out our list of top media and entertainment blogs and bloggers below.  Or, if you are looking for a good online book club, or want to engage in heated discussions about which 70's rock band is best, take a deep look at these blogs.

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