Website Themes

How do you pick your blog website theme?

If you're like most novice bloggers, you click through a database of themes and images, preview a few of them, and then select one that you think looks "cool" or "neat." The entire process may take you less than five minutes, and you may even be thrilled with the result. After all, the strength of your writing and knowledge is what is going to carry your blog to internet stardom and profitability, right?

Unfortunately, the answer to that question is... "Not exactly."

Every aspect of your blog website affects your chances for success. Your text is important, of course, but so are your pictures, videos, inbound and outbound links, and, perhaps most importantly, your website theme. Each of these components of your blog combine to create the look, feel, emotional connection, and experience that your readers have when they visit your site.

It is imperative that you use all available blogging resources to ensure every aspect, especially the theme, communicates the exact emotions that you are attempting to elicit.

Why Are Themes So Important?

Research has shown the importance of visual cues. According to one study, more than 90% of purchase decisions are influenced by visual factors. Your first thought might be, "Well, that means I need great pictures..." but that is the wrong reaction.

Evidence is gathering that great pictures might actually be counterproductive. They pull attention away from the other text and media on the page, which diminishes the visitor's experience and creates the risk that they will remember the image, but will not remember your blog website.   

How to Pick a Theme

Start your research with established, knowledgeable blogging resources so you can grasp an understanding of what your theme choices say about your blog. Then follow these steps:

  • Define what you are trying to accomplish with your blog website.
  • Research what different styles and themes communicate to visitors.
  • Once you have an in-depth understanding of what you want to accomplish, you are ready to select a theme.
  • Take your time making the decision.

Use all of the blogging resources at your disposal and take the time necessary to make a well-informed decision. Your website is your brand, and the theme you select is the first impression visitors have about you, your blog, and what you are all about. If that does not resonate immediately, they will not return.

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