Web Design

Web Design is represented by a perfect combination of Graphic Design, User Experience (UX), and User Interface (UI).

Designing a blog is not easy, especially if you have no experience and don't have the resources to hire web designer. So, if you are like most bloggers you have to be a quick study and learn to do it yourself. The good news is that there is not a lack of amazing resources - meaning, you can do it if you stick with it and learn from the best.

By doing your homework you'll be able to access pre-designed blog templates get started with a good looking website for your blog. Just don't get overwhelmed and quit. A website is never done, and is always evolving, hopefully getting better and better over time.

We recommend that you stay away from the website builders. They will keep your blog from being seen online in the search engines. Stay away from Squarespace, Wix and other free website builders that claim you can build your website in minutes. Start by exploring WordPress website themes, and then paying attention to what it is you want, and what design will most fulfill your online goals and objectives.

Start out by researching other blogs in your niche. In terms of their design, make note of what you like, and what you don't like. Look for items you want for your web design. Then find the best website template that is closest to what you want for your blog. 

Web Design Is Very Important for Every Blog

Why is web design important?  No one likes a bland and boring blog, and the right blog design will only enhance the quality content that you produce. As stated above, Web Design is a combination of "Graphic Design", UX, and UI.

Graphic design should be personal to you and your audience, fun but easy, with a touch of enticing details to help your blog stand out - giving your readers a positive experience.

While User Experience (UX) is a combination of factors meant to focus on optimal user experience (web visitor), User Interface (UI) is the look and feel of the website - the interactivity of experience.  Both Ux and UI are crucial to the success of your blog. Where UX is a more analytical and technical, UI is what's referred to as "graphic design"

Overall, effective Web Design for a blog is all about problem-solving for your visitor. Your goal is to solve the visitor's problems - leading them to a solution fast. You can accomplish the problem-solving attributes of your blog through visual, structural, and navigational processes. Never overlook problem-solving while reaching for a wild or complex and confusing design.

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