Web Advertising

Bloggers can make money by showing Google Ads on their website, and it’s called Google Adsense.

Adsense is very attractive to bloggers because it is easy to set up and manage. Bloggers can sign up for a Google Adsense account and add it to their website in just a few hours. After slapping in the Google Adsense code into their blog bloggers get paid when their visitors click on the ad.  The blogger gets paid by Google for displaying the ad that their visitors click on. The money starts adding up and dumps into their checking account each month, or after the account reaches $150.

Each click coming from a Google Adsense Ad is worth anywhere between 10 cents to $5, depending upon the ad, the term, and the tied to the Ad. Sometimes specific "terms" are highly competitive and the blogger is the beneficiary of the competition for the click. There are tons of bloggers who love Google Adsense and are happy with the money they make.

However, many bloggers think that Google Adsense is a loss and the money a blogger makes through Google is not worth the losses. Every time a blog visitor clicks on a Google Ad the blogger is losing a visitor. Once they click on the ad, the visitor is gone. The higher the Click Through Rate, the more visitors are leaving the blog. The ant-Google Adsense bloggers believe there are a lot better ways to make money AND keep the visitor engaged with the blog.

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