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Best Blogging Practices Your Blog Becoming Mobile Friendly

More than 87% of online searches are done on mobile devices (smart phones and tablets). Is your blog mobile friendly?

The current technological revolution requires businesses to create websites sites that drive marketing campaigns. Since most searches today are done on mobile devices, this means that your website must be mobile friendly, or your website will never be found in Google, Bing, or Yahoo search.

However, a business site is not enough to ensure that you reach all your target audience and customers. You should also incorporate a blog and an information center within your website to keep your audience informed about your current business endeavors.

More Website Search and Browsing is Through Mobile Devices

In 2015, research showed that mobile users spent 87% more time on their devices browsing through websites. Thus, to attract more mobile readers and subscribers, your blog and site must be mobile-friendly. There are various blogging resources and mobile friendly strategies that you can use to ensure that your blog is supported on mobile devices.

If you do not make your blog adaptive, users will find it difficult to navigate through your site due to too much scrolling. Plus, Google and other search engines will simply delist or de-index your pages.

If your website is not mobile friendly, your images and videos will not be viewable - causing your visitors to turn to your competitors. A correct combination of mobile friendliness and high-quality content will make your blog to succeed and expand exponentially with regards to the number of users you reach with every post.

There are certain blogging resources and tools recommended (see below) for you to use to ensure that your blog succeeds in attracting and retaining huge traffic. Your content must be of high-quality and informative for the audience to trust your brand since they will perceive you to be an expert in your field.  

Selecting the perfect platform to set up your blog is important to ensure that your blog is navigable. WordPress is the most popular platform that is used for website and blog hosting, and it is easy to make WordPress websites mobile friendly. WordPress has many blogging resources within it that include free themes and template designs beneficial for making your blog unique and easily readable. WordPress templates incorporate a content delivery service to increase the loading speed of your blog regardless of the user’s device.

Using mobile friendly blogging platforms precisely combined with high-quality content and the ideal web hosting solution, and your blog will achieve exponential success.

Test your website or blog to see if it is mobile friendly, click here.

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