Mental Health

The mental health blog niche covers a vast array of topics, and the most popular blogs focus on specific aspects related to mental health. 

The best blogs focusing on Mental Health do a good job solving real-life problems for readers. Bloggers on this subject matter. The most popular mental health blogs bring a unique insight that also delivers a message of hope. The top blogs are encouraging, uplifting, but informative and real.

The best mental health blogs are authored by mental health professional, usually a mental health clinician or practitioner. In particular, professionals are able to address the application of therapeutic intervention, counseling, or medicinal treatment. However, lay people have authored some of the most popular mental health blogs. They offer a real-world perspective that is very useful for a broad audience.

Two common elements of the top mental health blogs is the process of "sharing" and "community." When people feel a sense of support from a community, and they are able to share their experience, good things happen and the miracles abound.

While some mental health-related blogs touch upon traditional treatment, some of the most popular blogs offer alternative theories and alternative therapeutic approaches; such as holistic medicine or nutritional advice.

Learning the ropes from successful mental health bloggers will provide you with helpful insight into what readers want and like. Below is our list of top mental health bloggers around the world.