Logos and Branding

Best Blogging Practices - Logos and Branding

Those new to blogging and promotion sometimes confuse logos and branding, often thinking they are the same thing.

There is a big difference between the two; however, you need to have both if you want to find a lasting place in the world of blogging.

Before looking at the blogging resources below, you need to understand how the two interact. Together, your logo and brand help define how people see and remember you. It is essential to consider both elements before you even write your first blog post. Let's take a look at logos and branding.

A logo is basically a small mark or picture that people come to associate with a person or company. Think about the NBC peacock, an apple with one bite out of it or the golden arches. You can see any of these and immediately know what business they represent. They are normally simplistic drawings of one or two colors that become associated with your brand. Another way to think of a logo is to compare it to your signature. If your business were to write a check, the logo would be its signature.

Branding is a bit more complicated. It is the emotional connection people have with you, your product or your company. Think about two different bar soaps, Ivory and Zest. They both do the same exact thing, yet you see one as soft and gentle and the other as invigorating. Your hear the name and it brings to mind a different scent for each. That is part of each brand - the feeling the name induces. Your brand is what people expect when they come into contact with you and what you do.

Together, your logo and brand make up the biggest part of how the world sees you and what they expect to feel. The blogging resources below will help you determine what logo and brand best represent what you hope to accomplish with your blog.

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