Lead Generation

Savvy Bloggers Create Lead Generation Machines

The top blogs on the Internet are producing an incredible digital presence for their blogs. Moreover, the best bloggers are successfully using social media and email marketing to increase traffic. Lastly, the advanced bloggers are using content syndication services to drive even more new traffic to their blog.

The question is, how do they turn traffic into leads? More importantly, how do they turn leads into conversions and sales?

Smart bloggers understand that they need to add a robust sales process to their “lead generation machine,” and in reality, they are one in the same. Taking a lead funnel system and combining it with a clean automated sales process or sales team is what converts traffic into income. Gathering leads is one thing, but converting the leads into sales and reoccurring sales is another - savvy bloggers have this nailed.

To convert leads into sales, bloggers need to be able to effectively serve the needs of prospective consumers, answering questions and concerns, but more importantly “sell” their products and services to their followers.

When quality content generates creates traffic the potential for lead generation begins. This may seem obvious, but too many bloggers seem to be clueless about lead generation that actually produces sales.

The Basics Principles of Lead Generation and Sales for Blogs

There are some simple principles to lead generation and conversion to sales. For argument sake, in regard to lead generation let’s assume that your blog has a good traffic stream. Now, let’s focus on the basics principles of blog lead generation and sales.

1. Landing Pages: The best bloggers have learned to create landing pages that are a mixture of “punch” and “precision” - simple but exciting formula that is equally alluring and informative, focusing on a single idea.

2. Call-to-Action: “Sales” seem to happen when a blogger has mastered killer call-to-action’s. We would even argue that lead gen and monetization of your blog will never be successful unless you produce great calls-to-action.

3. Solve a Problem: Lead generation is all about solving problems for your audience. If a blogger can properly articulate a solution to a pesky problem, leads will be generated.

4. Invitation and Direction: The top blog lead generators present invitations and then direct their prospective customers. For example, “Learn more…”, “Try it for free…”, “start NOW…”, “order your product NOW and start enjoying our product’s benefits…” (problem solved).

5. Consistency: Half of blog lead generation is consistency. Just showing up consistently in front of your audience is vital. This would include blog posts, social media, newsletters, email marketing, etc. Showing up consistently means you are feeding your audience with quality content that encourages genuine conversation and engagement. Along with the quality content, successful bloggers are able to introduce landing pages that promise to solve the problems of the audience, present an invitation to take advantage, and then direct to join, sign up, try out, or buy.

A blog won't magically drive business without a robust well-planned promotion system. And, of course, in order to generate an ongoing flow of quality leads is to “deliver” what you sell. The value of the product or service is part and parcel to the success of any lead gen and sales campaign.