Gaining Followers

Welcome blogging storytellers!  You've made the decision to share your knowledge, wit, humor and stories with the world through your blog. 

I have a blog, now what?  The idea of starting a blog was a bit overwhelming.  You dealt with a lot of questions, like, "where do I start?"  What about a blog design, theme, and then trying to understanding all the blogging jargon. There are so many things to think about, decipher through and learn its enough to make your head spin.

Now that you have your blog up and cranking, what about Social Media and Social Media marketing? How do you build a following for your blog through Social Media?

No Worries... The "Blog Whispers" are here to help!

The Blog Network is comprised of first generation, knowledgeable, talented and successful bloggers and we want to share our passion and vision with like minded writers and storytellers like you.  

We have been there and lived through the "how do I figure out this blogging thing" start up.  With a huge section of Blogging Resources, we will help you make your blogging dreams a reality, including Social Media marketing.

With the BlogNetwork you will be able to find helpful resources about building your blog audience through Social Media (see list of articles below). 

We hit on topics such setting up your Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Pinterest, and Instagram accounts - from logos and branding, to posting the perfect post with the best titles, to image optimization and everything in between. 

Social Media Marketing also touches upon promoting your blog and your business through paid advertising through social media channels. We can help you build your custom audience, kick off promotions, boost your posts and how to use Facebook Ads Manager. 

Moreover, you will learn the best practices  methods to make money through Social Media marketing.  

The Blog Network's Blogging Resources is a invaluable tool to get your blog up and running.  And most important - Successful.  What are you waiting for?  Make your blogging dreams come true.  Share your stories with the world through social media channeling.