Friendships are among the most complex but meaningful relationships in our lives and some of the most popular blogs in the world are about friendships.

These unique bonds of friendships can be deeper than our bonds with family members. Some friendships are as meaningful that a relationship between a husband or wife. There are many great models for successful friendships based on principles and shared values demonstrated through actions and behaviors (ground rules). All of these areas are covered through the array of friendship blogs.

The top friendship bloggers are known as friend doctors or friend whispers, offering advice, coaching, and in some cases, therapy. Friend blogs engage followers through blog post comments, forums, and online communities.

Friendship bloggers write about making and keeping friends, resolving problems between friends, dealing with adversity in friendships, building trust and loyalty between friends, and repairing damaged friendships. Some friendship bloggers focus their blog toward people without friends - about not having friends or having very few good friendships.

Friendship blogs cover the spectrum on age, race, culture, religion, shared interests representing people at every stage of life. There is no limits to blogs and bloggers on friendships. For a good taste of friendship blogs see the list of blogs below.