Fashion blogs typically cover the fashion industry, clothing trends, and personal style.

Fashion bloggers are experts in these areas, and they tend to have extensive experience in the fashion industry. However, there are always exceptions. Find the top fashion blogs and fashion bloggers in world (see below).

Some fashion blogs are managed by stay-at-home moms who simply have great style and love for fashion. These types of blogs tend to resonate with the 'every-day woman' and draw a great deal of traffic. If you are a fashion enthusiast and you have the dream to start your own fashion blog, contact the BlogNetwork. We can help you get started today!.

The major fashion blogs clock more than a million page views a month, and the more eyes that see your blog posts, the more popular you become. Popularity can equal dollars!

The Fashion blog niche entails those that are devoted to the latest trends including who is wearing them and where to buy them. Some of the top blogs in this group provide information regarding what styles and body types go together well and how to create designer looks on a shoestring budget.

The best blog sites for fashion are monetized without overselling the products. They bring value to the reader, with or without a purchase. You can peruse them to see how to seamlessly incorporate search engine optimization techniques in your blog sites and how to make money blogging.

Though these will not provide you with overt blogging tips, you can look at these blogging websites and make note of the reasons they are more appealing than other blog posts you may see. For instance, the ease of use or content of successful business blogs.

When are learning how to create a blog site, it is important that you know the types of blogs and focus on a blog niche you enjoy. If that is fashion, these are good blog sites to understand how other fashionistas have transformed their passion into an income. Follow their lead while fulfilling your own vision for a blog site.

See the list of top Fashion Blogs below: