Family blogs are written by a mom, dad, or both parents - and sometimes written by an entire family.

The top family blogs focus on capturing and chronicling wisdom, experience, precious moments, and real-life stories of a family’s everyday life.

Labels are everywhere and the family is no exception. Today, we have all kinds of different families, and there is really no clear definition. There are the traditional families, which are descendants of a common ancestor, with mom and dad and 2.5 kids. There are other families that have no blood tie but are true families none the less. Traditional definitions of "family" are quickly fading away as society is learning to accept evolving structures.

There are blogs designed to help grandparents who are rearing their grandchildren... there are same-sex individuals who have adopted toddlers... there are blended families where a step-mom or step-dad takes over a parenting role and many other scenarios that are now considered "family" and accepted by most of the world. 

The best family blogs provide a supportive content laced with tips, trauma, and humor.