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Best Blogging Practices How to Use Facebook Advertising to Increase Loyal Fans

Facebook is a the best way to build your blog audience

As a beginning blogger, you may be wondering how to even begin to attract readers to your blog, or you may want to expand your existing readership from a few people to be able to reach thousands or even possibly millions of devoted readers daily. 

While there are many blogging resources out there that will get your blog out to the public, Facebook is a quick and easy way to achieve this goal.

Utilized by many writers around the world, Facebook offers a social media platform known and used by millions.  From elderly grandparents to young children, from individuals with great computer savvy to those who are beginning computer users, this easily negotiated and socially known network can be a great starting point for, or a way to expand, your blog. 

"There are many ways having your blog on Facebook can help you expand your readership." 

First, having your blog on Facebook makes it easily discoverable by anyone, anywhere in the world.  With a few clicks of a button, they can find their way to your blog quickly and effortlessly.

Secondly, with the personal message ability that Facebook supports, you can have personal interaction with your readers if you choose to allow this action.  If you do not, it can easily be disabled.

Be responsive to questions or comments from your readers, this will let them know that their input is desired and not ignored.  If you need time to answer a particular question or comment, then write to them and explain that you will be in contact with your response as soon as possible.

"Among other social media platforms and blogging resources, Facebook is certainly one of the most valuable. 

Third, your blog then becomes easily shared by readers re-posting them and sharing them with their friends.  This is one of the largest ways to get your blog out to the general public and attract readers from across a diverse spectrum.

To build your audience, have your current readership "like" your Facebook page, then they will be the recipients who will most likely see your blog on their news feed.  Invite your friends and family to "like" your page too, this will increase your blog's credibility and expand it to others you may not be in contact with, who in turn may share your blog and spread it to their friends. 

"A well-placed Facebook advertisement, specifically targeted to your intended audience ensures that your ad will be seen by users who are most likely to be interested. Relevancy is also a key ingredient in a fruitful Facebook marketing campaign."

Remember, with the vast amount of people who log into the social media giant daily, your target audience is there. Whether it's to sell a product or service or to promote a blog, effective Facebook marketing is a proven method of attracting wanted attention.

A Facebook advertisement campaign may seem like a daunting task to undertake. We have compiled a great deal of information below to shed light on this process. Check out our intuitive guides on Facebook advertising and our other blogging resources to realize your vision.

"With an average of one billion daily users, effective use of this platform gives anyone with a message a way to broadcast their message to their target audience. If you're looking to advertise on Facebook, it is absolutely essential to know why, and more importantly, how successful advertising transpires on Facebook."

By utilizing these blogging resources, a network of readers can be developed for your blog.  From a few readers, many more can be made.

Facebook advertising is a powerful and cost-effective advertising channel that all blogger should be using to grow their audience. Never rule out Facebook as a viable advertising channel for your blog - find your target audience on Facebook through ads. It is an effective platform for all bloggers if you have the right ads and target the right audience.

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