Email Marketing

Best Blogging Practices: Building an Email List

Of all the blogging resources out there, your email list is your most important asset.  

Building up your email list allows you to promote several products in a short period of time.  Not selling any products?  You should still collect as many emails as possible so you can attract readers back to your site as often as possible.  

Every new post is an opportunity to generate repeat traffic simply by sending out notifications to everyone on your email list.

Building Trust From Your Audience Through Email

When a customer or reader signs up for your email list, they are placing a high amount of trust in you.  Most of us complain about getting too much email as it is, so by signing up they are telling you that want to hear from you.  

While they may not check your blog every day, they will check their email, sometimes several times a day, and a new email from you will always peak their curiosity.  

Your customers want to hear from you, so keep them posted on how you are building your business and when you have something new to promote.  You can even feature your customers or readers to other customers or readers.

Keep Your Audience Updated and Plugged In

With an email list, you are more than just a status update.  Email is where people receive their important correspondence from work, family, and friends.  And because your latest communication is in their email box, they have the option of saving it and referring to it again.  

Sometimes they will share your email with people on their contact lists, which is a brand new opportunity to acquire more customers or readers to your blog.  Email marketing leads to more sales or readership better than other blogging resources.  Every time you utilise it, you will see those numbers climb.

Best Email Marketing Practices | How To Grow Your Email List Fast