Established art bloggers loyal followers, but the world of "art" is always looking for the next hot "art blog". If you are an aritist, and you have some experience, ideas, notions, or comments (opinions, trainings, insight) to share with the art world, there is no better time to launch your artist blog. See our list of top art blogs below.

Art blogs are among the most popular and versatile forms of commentary on everything "art." Everything from photography, to visual arts, to performance arts is getting plenty of commentary. It seems that art bloggers can't create dialogue fast enough to satisfy art connoisseurs.

The more abstract the art maybe the more forms of expression are discussed - by critics, artists and other knowledgeable art enthusiasts. People eat this stuff up and come back for more.

In the art blog world there are bloggers teaching on subjects like "how to create specific forms of art", as well as "how to develop one's own creative style," and everything in between.

Many art bloggers explore how art is influencing modern society, while still others turn a critical lens on specific artists and styles. If you are an artist or art enthusiast with an opinion, and you have something to say, to teach, or share, start your art blog today. Contact the BlogNetwork and we can help you post your first blog post today!