Analytics is something that most bloggers don’t pay as much attention to in the beginning of their blogging career - but they should.

Analytics tracking is vital to a blogger's success. Getting analytics set up on your blog in order to track key traffic metrics is one of the first things a serious blogger should do.

Investing some time into understanding the analytics of your blog will not only save you time down the road, it will increase your blog traffic by making you a more informed blogger.

To start with you will need to add Google Analytics tracking code to your blog. By adding the Google Analytics snippet of HTML code to your website's template will allow you to track and analyze your blog’s traffic, visitor behavior, and a bunch more.

Signing up for an account with Google Analytics is easy. Grab the GA Code Google provides and then add it to your website template, and then follow the directions.

The overview of Google Analytics Basic

Bloggers use Google Analytics watch web traffic and to pick up trends over time. They look at website traffic, search traffic, referral traffic, Pageviews, Sessions, Time on Page, keywords, and many more essential metrics.

Traffic: Bloggers need to see how traffic is trending over time - is it up, is it down, and why? Bloggers should know what their typical traffic levels are on an hourly, daily, weekly and monthly basis. That way if there is a change in traffic, it can be spotted immediately - and adjustments made depending on whether traffic is up or down.

Search Traffic: Bloggers should pay close attention to Search Traffic, especially if they are depending upon search engine traffic to grow their audience. 

Referral Traffic: Where is the traffic coming from? Organic search results in Google? Facebook? Twitter? An email blast? Who is responsible for are sending traffic to your blog.

Pageviews: Paying close attention to pageviews tells you which posts are most popular, and what pages are getting no love.

Search Keywords: What are people searching in order to find your blog posts? Which keywords are performing best for you? Bloggers need to pay attention to traffic from keywords.

Increased traffic, better user experience, and a bigger more loyal audience is the result of analytics. So, it pays to pay close attention to your blog’s analytical statistics, so that you can better understand how visitors are finding you, and how they interacting with your content - essential feedback to grow your blog audience.

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