The blogs on academia are vast (there are too many) AND typically unreliable. This is good news for bloggers who have the desire to launch an academic blog.

Blogs on academia and academics are mostly tutorial resources with the purpose of presenting the most effective way to educate students. They also touch upon academic trends and issues related to education reform.

Academia blogs are the online environment or digital community promoting the noble pursuit of research, education, and scholarship for schools, administrators, teachers, parents, and most importantly, students.

Whatever the educational field or interests may be, academia blogs have their readers covered - touching upon thousands of different disciplines and subjects - from geography to calculus and everything in between.

Academic blogs are sometimes thought to be blogs designed for teachers - preschool to college professors. However, the most popular academia blogs are written for parents and students.

The top academic blogs are equipped with message boards, on-line conferences rooms, video classrooms, learning management systesm - and stacked libraries with content on specific subjects targeted to specific subjects.

Academic blogs also tackle problems facing schools, teachers, students, and communities - covering subjects ranging from looming budget cuts, teacher recruitment and job openings, the latest downloadable lesson plans, and teacher of the year.

For a good taste of the top academic blogs on the planet, see our list of academic blogs and bloggers below.