Continued from Page 1 - Ad Networks vs. Affiliate Banners, which is the way forward?

How much to charge on ad networks!

Some folks will recommend charging about $1 CPM. That means for every 1000 impressions your blog generates, you get paid $1. If your monthly impressions are 50k, you should be charging $50/month for ad space on your blog.

Well, I think the banner space and position also matter. Banners above the fold get the most exposure and conversion is generally the best.

But here is what I recommend…

Once you’ve made your choice of the ad network, make a list of sites as popular as yours on that same platform. Find out how much they charge for various banner spaces. The next thing is to find out if they are really selling space on that network. Then set your prices within their range too.

My conclusion

Given the intricacies around this subject, it is difficult to have clear-cut opinions that will suite everyone. We are all in different niches and reader behavior is different too.

The best way is to test and take decision based on data value. I have seen many blogs running the two (Affiliate and Ad Network Banners) as there are generally no rules prohibiting it.

If you’ve not had luck on BSA, try Publicityclerks or any other BSA alternative. Give yourself time to put together enough stats to aid your decision.

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