Ad Networks & Affiliate Banners the Only Option?

June 20, 2016 12:11:48 AM

Ad Networks and Affiliate Banners are not the only option for bloggers. There is a new Sheriff in town, and he means business - good business

For many bloggers making money is more difficult than you'd think. First, there are thousands of bloggers and most are competing for the same advertising dollars. Many of these bloggers are using the same venues to monetize their blog, and up until recently there were only a few good ways to make money through a blog. When a monetization mechanism is working for a few everyone jumps on the bandwagon - which is good for brands and agencies, but not good for bloggers.

We recommend a new and upcoming monetization method, called Social Boost. First, Social Boost was created by a well-respected group of experienced bloggers. Before starting Social Boost, these folks struggled to compete for the best brands and their advertising dollars. But they had a great vision. They knew what would work for blogs and brands, and then set out to build an ad system that works for everyone, including the audience. They knocked it out of the park.

The advertisers associated with Social Boost are big brands, and the people behind Social Boost are seasoned bloggers who know what they are doing, and more importantly, they know what bloggers need and want. What an amazing concept! In combination, 'brands' and 'experience' made it all happen. It's a winning formula. 

Bloggers know it takes a lot of time and hard work to build a loyal following. The long hours, months and years to make an impact in a niche to build a following. To be successful blogging it takes a radical commitment, tenacity, and sacrifice. Therefore, bloggers are not typically eager to add just any advertisement (ad network or affiliate banners ads) to their blog. It's smart to be very careful to protect their reputation and credibility. Bloggers need to be selective of what gets plastered as advertisment on their blog.

To successful bloggers, advertisers represent the best interest of their blog audience. Spammy ads or slimy brands will ruin their reputation and credibility. At the same time its extremely difficult for bloggers to find a good brand that matches their audience, and one that pays well. Its a Catch 22 situation. Sometimes, the choice is either make money and lose followers, or keep followers and starve. There is a new choice for bloggers and they no longer have to give up their identity or harm their credibility to make money.

Social Boost Has Done the Hard Work

Social Boost has done the job of finding the best brands and ad agencies, companies who are actually looking for quality blogs to promote their brand. Many big brands are looking at blogs as the next wave of quality brand advertisement. Social Boost has done the hard work for bloggers, and created a system that connects the right brands with the right blog and audience.

In addition to banner ads, Social Boost members offer brand's an opportunity for sponsored content, brand ambassadorships, press trips and media tours, and custom campaigns. For brands and agencies, Social Boost is an easy platform to place  ads and then watch their performance in real-time. What's more is that bloggers on Social Boost earn far better ad revenue when compared to any other monetizing platform.

Social Boost helps brands and agencies increase their ROI by placing ads directly into blogs that reinforces the brand's story. Social Boost has built relationships with brands like Southwest Airlines, Sony, Royal Caribbean, Airbnb, Huggies, Disneyland, Pinterest, National Geographic, Lyft, eBay, Tillamook, Seasame Street, and more. Bloggers with Social Boost earn good money through the placement of ads from brands that are in alignemt with their audience - it's a win-win. For more information about Social Boost, click here.

SocialBoost Ad Network and Banner Affiliate

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Ad Networks Vs Affiliate Banners! Which is the way forward?

This article first appeared on Blogging Tips by Estine Muki, June 19th, 2016

One thing that kills business is the fact that people read or hear things and make strategic decisions without proper research backed by data and facts.

We have read and heard that making money with banners is dead because of a sickness called banner blindness. This happens when visitors to your website consciously or subconsciously ignore your banners.

But activities around the web are a clear proof that you can still monetize and make money selling ad space on your blog. On the next five blogs you are going to visit today, four are certainly carrying some banner-like information.

That’s clear evidence that it still works and you too can benefit from this exercise and generate some additional income from your blog.

A common question I get from many newbie bloggers is whether to sign up to an affiliate network, grab some banners and paste on their blogs or join some ad networks that will allow them sell space to advertisers.

In either case, I tell them you can still make money. It boils down to what you want. Whether they are affiliate banners or advertisers’, the truth is banner noise may be a problem but you can still make money with it.

Advertising Networks VS Affiliate Banners!

It is difficult to clearly state that one of these is better than the other. For most people, affiliate option allows them to choose whatever to place on their blogs.

To add to this, if you are smart in affiliate marketing, you can quickly grow your earnings and build a lucrative source of passive income, promoting products that pay recurring commission.

However, there are two problems linked to affiliate banners:

1. Commission theft
2. Refunds

Commission theft is something you can control. Simply cloaking your affiliate links or promoting products that tag special coupon codes to affiliate accounts, you stand a better chance not to lose your commissions to thieves.

But for refunds, you are at the mercy of the buyers. If they are not satisfied with the products bought, they are simply going to hit the refund button and you loose the commission instantly.

"You may make the terrible mistake of not wisely choosing the product to promote. The sales page of the product you promote may not convert to your satisfaction. The banners you choose may not be well designed to attract clicks, etc."

Ad blindness in Affiliate Marketing is even more consequential. The same banners on your blog might have been published on a thousand other blogs and that has a huge multiplier effect on the blandness.

Though a few vendors may want to do unique and customer banners for some of their affiliates, this will not be a large scale solution you can rely on.

These and more are some issues you will have to deal with if you go by the option of affiliate banners.

So what about Advertising Networks?

This looks like a better option for a few who know they are never going to have to deal with commission theft, refunds, low conversion, etc.

They simply signup to a network like Publicityclerks and hope for advertisers to buy space on their blogs. It sounds exciting but if no one buys your space, you are never going to make any money.

While some advertisers may buy space on your blog for a longer period of time, the recurring earning with Ad networks is limited in scope.

"The main problem in monetizing with Ad Networks is that most of the widely used platforms are so difficult to go through. BuySellAds for instance is a good example but getting most blogs accepted on it is like a monstrous luxury."

Despite running a pretty active blog with thousands of readers (and over 50,000 monthly impressions as required by BSA), I’ve tried this network a couple of times to no avail.

The bad thing is that they won’t even tell you where you are wrong. They are keeping from you the most vital piece of information that is required for improvement.

There are many BSA alternatives out there but most of them are filled with garbage. Besides looking for networks that will quickly accept your application, it’s crucial to pay serious attention to the quality and number of advertisers on board.

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