5 Types of Content People Love to Share

June 10, 2016 12:11:29 AM

What do people like to share on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and LinkedIn?

That’s an easy question for anyone with a social media channel. It’s mostly, pictures, images, and videos. I’d say that about five our of every 10 posts that are shared are photos, memes, or videos.

Some people like to share opinions including their own. About 1/4 of all social media posts that are share are opinion or statements revealing opinion, belief, and values. This would include reviews on brands, products, and services.

Nearly 504% of the “opinions” shared are focused on changing minds, compelling people to like or dislike products, change opinions, or encourage action such as “vote for Bernie”.

Other things people like to share on social media networks are status updates, links to articles of interest, personal recommendations about the things they like, news items, other people's posts, and upcoming events.

Original article posted on Reviewz 'N' Tips on June 8th, 2016

Content marketing is real big right now. If it wasn’t there certainly wouldn’t be bloggers earning thousands every month.

And one of your biggest questions is probably how do they do it.

There are basically three things you need to make money blogging:

  • Quality promotion strategy
  • Content to keep the visitor engaged
  • Offers of products or services to make you money

The first and the second component, however, go hand by hand. In order to get search engine traffic and in order to draw people’s attention on the social networks you need namely content.

Content isn’t created equally, however. Successful blogging and social media marketing don’t come down to simply writing, publishing and sharing whatever’s on your mind.

And today’s post is all about helping you discover what the best types of content in the social and the blogging world are.

Below I’ve covered five ideas for content that your blog’s readers and your social media followers are almost sure to enjoy and share: 


1. In-Depth How to Articles

Some of my longest posts are the ones that have received the most shares.

In order for this to work, there basically two requirements:

  • No fluff – If the post is long this should mean that every word is a guidance and not just a filler
  • Practical information – Not only should the information be detailed, but also practical and one that can be put to practice right away

If you start right off the bat with precise advice and step-by-step instructions on how to do something, you sure are on the right path.

This post about “16 Effective and Practical Strategies To Get More Retweets” is well over 2500 words and got until today more than 700 social shares (if you need to install on Chrome the Buzzsumo app to check the number of social shares of a web page – including Twitter – here’s the link):

total social shares for How to Get More Retweets posts on reviewzntips_comWhy?

Because it tells people exactly what to do!


2. Humor Always Gets the Likes

…Especially on Facebook.

One of the ways to get Facebook traffic is by setting up a Facebook fan page. However in order to make your page a success, you need to post more than links to your own articles. 

There are lots of ways to increase the visibility of your fan page, and humor is a sure-fire one. People love it and they’d be especially inclined to click the like button if your topics aren’t all that fun in general.

In order to get the attention of your fans, you have to spice things up a bit every now and then. And one of the biggest mistakes that online businesses and internet marketers make is that they believe everything they post should be strictly official.

That’s plain wrong. Prove people you are a living person who actually has that thing called emotions!

As of now the image you see on the left is actually the story that has received the most likes and shares on my Facebook fan page:

example of funny post on reviewzntips facebook fan page

Why is that so?

First because it makes sense and is something others can relate to and secondly because it is kinda funny.


3. Product Reviews and Tool Listings

If you are into affiliate arketing you should know what importance product reviews hold. For those of you who haven’t, the idea is simple.

As a marketer the chances are you’ve tried lots of tools to help you improve results. Although most are probably free, there might just be some premium ones. 

And since affiliate marketing is pretty much the best way to monetize your blog, you could write an in-depth review of the products you like and place affiliate links within. Those kinds of reviews convert far better than a banner in the sidebar, plus if they are well-written, lots of folks will take a minute to share them.

So in the end you have some money in your pockets and some traffic from all the social shares.

For example, here’s my Genesis Framework review:

Genesis Framework

If you’ve actually chosen useful tools and have grounded your opinion, you are almost sure to end up with a post that goes viral. 

And again why is that so?

  • You give away practical information – there is nothing more useful than sharing the tools that are actually helping you achieve certain results
  • You solve people’s problems – tools are designed namely as a solution to a specific problem and almost always lead to improved productivity


4. Spark Discussion with Questions

You definitely know about the importance of creating engagement and building relationships. After all when it comes to social media, building real contacts and NOT simply tweeting your message over and over is how you spin the wheel.

And sometimes the simple things are the ones that work best.

What is the most obvious way to create a communication channel? 

Being the one to ask a question!

You might think that folks on social media are quite passive, but you’d be wrong. Only when you start seeking feedback, you will realize that people are far more willing to share their thoughts and get in touch with you than you think.

Just try it out!

a question on NoPassiveIncome facebook fan page

Twice every week pose a question that is relevant to your niche on both your Facebook page and on Twitter. Wait for reactions and don’t forget to reply back and give your own thoughts!

Namely those seemingly small details might just end up building your credibility! 


5. People Love Quotes

Similarly to funny pictures that people can in one way or another relate to, quotes,especially the ones that come from famous figures, tend to get a lot of exposure.

That is why quotes should absolutely be the next type of content to incorporate in your social media streams alongside the links you post to your own articles. Just make sure you post the quotes in the form of an image rather than plain text – that results in pretty much double and even triple the usual thumb ups.

You will find a ton of posterized quotes if you simply look them up in Google’s image search.

google plus post on Erik Emanuelli profile with a quote that generates comments and plusses

NOTE: The perfect dimensions for Google Plus images are 495 x 370 and for Facebook images 403 x 403.


In Conclusion

That’s pretty much it guys.

If you take the time to incorporate all five content types in your blogging and social media strategy, you are sure to see an improvement in your overall stats.

Content marketing is a powerful weapon, and if you don’t have the time to work on your site, check some online marketing services, which are indeed a valid and alternative solution.


Now on to you!

What makes an article shareable?

When do you decide you should click the retweet button and share the piece you just read with your audience?

I’d love to hear your thoughts about this! 


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