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Curtis Reed is a loving husband, father, friend, and mentor. He is married to the love of his life and has four incredible kids. He works everyday with an amazing team that is focused on helping teens in crisis and their families find the help they need and deserve. He's influenced and motivated by people doing great things, developing extraordinary concepts that push the envelope, and the beauty of the world people live in. He has seen the change that can come to families who seek the help they need after working with teens and their families for years.

Curtis studied English Literature at Brigham Young University Hawaii. Upon graduating, he and his family returned to the continental United States where they have made their home. It is here that Curtis found a passion to help families and teens. After joining the team at Zyndio in 2011, Curtis has had the opportunity to interact with countless families and help them find the best program for their child in need of help. He's gained experience in working with families and programs both, so he understands the importance of troubled teens getting the right help with the right program. While at Zyndio, Curtis has helped programs and teens alike bring peace and restoration to families across the United States.

Curtis is thankful for good friends, his children's laughter, and his knowledge of God. He will fight for those who are downtrodden, protect the Constitution and always, always find an excuse to jump in the ocean and spend time at the beach. He spends the little free time he has keeping up on the latest stats and scores on ESPN, tossing a ball with his kids in the backyard, or enjoying the outdoors with his wife and children. Live, Love, Laugh...

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