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Craig's passion for blogging is a noble pursuit born out of the depth of his heart. The same can be said about all the founding contributors of the BlogNetwork. As a gang of “master bloggers,” they've banded together to share their blogging knowledge and experience with anyone who has the same passion for telling their own unique story. The BlogNetwork is a realized dream of Craig's - and it has a clear mission.

What's Your Story?The people behind the BlogNetwork are the blogging forerunners, the first generation of bloggers, and they're committed to cut a path for other to follow. By their blogging friends and followers, the founders of the BlogNetwork are referred to as the “The Blog Whisperers”. 

When Craig started blogging, he had no idea what he was doing, but he had a vision backed with tremendous excitement and dedication. His attitude was, “Come hell or high water, I am going to figure this blogging thing out.” Craig's motto is, "if I can do it, anyone can!" Craig believes that anyone with vision and drive can be a successful blogger. His goal is to show others how to turn their vision into reality.

Craig Rogers started blogging in 1999. As a founder of several small behavioral health businesses, Craig found himself as the only muscle behind the marketing and sales duties of these start up businesses. As the owner of the company Craig wore a lot of hats. However, overtime Craig found that he had a natural gravitation toward the marketing arena of his behavioral health companies. He discovered that he had special nack and an inherent skill for marketing. Since then, Craig has honed his blogging and marketing skills, having built several successful behavioral health blog platforms.

As an enthusiastic author and blogger, Craig wrote and published over 2,000 articles related to the therapeutic intervention of troubled teens. Having retired from the behavioral health world in 2011, Craig refocused his inventive spirit and love for marketing toward "bloggers in business". Today, Craig is writing and publishing educational pieces for small business owners, with topics covering content marketing, social media marketing, and SEO - all for the purpose of building successful small businesses through content. 

Each person involved in the founding of the BlogNetwork has a unique “blogger’s story” - how they started, why they started, and how they became successful. Craig certainly has is own unique story. More importantly, the founders also have a few other things in common. Their individual “blogger’s stories” are riddled with bumps and bruises, trials and errors, and fortunately, a great deal of enjoyment and success. Moreover, they all have a passion for blogging. Had they not, they would not have survived the deep valleys that all bloggers go through.

The truth is that the founders of the BlogNetwork have blazed the blogger’s trail and learned the hard way - they are the pioneers of the blogging world. And Craig is one of the leaders of this motely crew of bloggers. In regard to the Pioneers of Bloggingearly days of blogging Craig wrote, "We could have used some advice, coaching, and support from successful bloggers that went before us - but we were the first generation - we had to figure it out on our own!". 

Somehow Craig and his blogging friends made it - against all odds - and now they are committed to helping others make it too. Whether you are just beginning to blog, or have been at it for years, Craig and the BlogNetwork contributors have something to offer. Craig's goal and objective is to teach, instruct, and to share his vast knowledge and blogging experience with those who have a passion for telling their story.

Craig is a father of 5 children, husband of one wife (an angel on earth), loves Hotrods and Harleys, enjoys American football and  listening to rock music from the 70's and 80's. Craig is a follower of Jesus Christ, and is a sucker for cats, dogs, and just about all animals with four legs.

Learn more about Craig by following him on Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Instagram, or adding him to your Google+ circles. Craig is also an admin on The Small Business Concierge Facebook Group page. Some of Craig's company websites are TherapyInsider, Red Frog SEO, Wings or Rotors, and his personal blog is CraigStephenRogers.com.


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